I put this outfit together with Dean in mind…I feel like I look like fem!dean….oh, and please ignore Louis in the background thank you!


Transparent Niall dancing on your blog


Transparent Niall dancing on your blog

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Bite The Lip, Just Forget The Bleeding


Summary: Harry broke up with Louis nearly a year ago. It’s also been about a year since Louis started cutting. He’s been fine with it being his secret until Zayn finds out and he tells Harry. 

            He couldn’t breathe. He was drowning, and there wasn’t anything he could do about it. There was no air in his lungs, no matter how hard he gasped. There was an invisible weight on his chest, and he didn’t understand, because he could physically feel it. His head was foggy, and all he could think about was the box of razor blades, hidden away in the bathroom in the hotel.

            The car was loud, with Harry and Niall laughing, Zayn talking on the phone, and Liam talking to Paul. Louis was suffocating, and none of them noticed. It was at least a thirty-minute drive from their meeting back to the hotel, and nobody noticed that Louis didn’t say a word. He looked out the window, bouncing his knee, counting the seconds until he could lock himself in his hotel room for the night.

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Beautiful Beginnings, Chapter 7.


WARNING: Rape (minor), might be triggering, no hate to Nick Grimshaw in anyway.            

Louis can’t really remember much of what happened next. But a few things definitely stay clear in his mind. Nick walked over to him and grabbed his shoulders, pulling him off the bed and pushed him onto the wall. “Gonna knot you, yeah? Bet you’re just gagging for it.”

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- Louis proposing to Harry

Omfg, the feels !!

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MBF me




"It just shows you how important it is to represent everyone in our profession." (x)


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